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Elenberg Fraser

We did product strategy, Business analyst, UX/UI Design, implementation, web responsive application, iOS and Android Application, 3D view and simulation, chat group teamwork collaboration, etc.
Wumbo is made to be the enterprise business management center for all the real estate projects. It’s included CRM, Projects management, file and procurement management, contracts management, tasks management and it’s broken down into different products, the first one is a project management tool for the development firms, think of tasks, event and files management, etc. This project is backed one by one of the biggest architecture firms in Australia, USA with global scope and the client wants a disruptive approach to the design as well as the product implementation.

The traditional way of managing a real estate project is using different collaboration tools, this makes data scattered and the communication between the teams. The manager also cannot have an overview of the performance team as well as the timeline / status project.

The bug of this project is to create some digital products with design and application settings for multiple points. Our product managers must work closely with the customer to understand the business logic, the workflow of an architectural firm: from making brief assignments to tasks and time for Different groups to finally see their pain points. After gaining this knowledge, we can consult the business owner with product strategy and roadmap for the following stages.

The main problem is that the team members have to use different tools at each stage of the project. They use Skype to exchange files and it’s hard to track the changes so they have to name it “file-01”, “file-02” etc … They use another tool called Aconex to work on tasks and planning and this does not adapt well to their needs since the UX is very hard to use. Our client is well known for their architecture slick so they do not want clients to work on a tool like Aconex because they cannot customize their brand there.

Technical approach:
The architecture of this social networking application follows CQRS micro services and architecture. NodeJS is the primary language for developing all services and communicating with each other through a bus-event using RabbitMQ. Each user’s largest architecture extends the scope of each micro-service rather than the application itself. This also saves time and money for system expansion. To reduce the risk of database bottlenecks, we adopt CQRS to read all operations from mobile applications that have been supported by ElasticSearch that have a native scale feature.

Art direction:

Foodee is an app that targets young people who love to explore new places and try new dishes. Thus, the design must have a fun and uplifting feeling so they would enjoy using the app in a daily basis. The layout is photographic and the visual noise is reduced by just showing important info so the dishes look more attractive. Every UI element feels friendly and illustrations were customized to enhance the brand.