Automation software & testing

Company/project compliance telecom team is performing synchronization test and measures accordingly to ITU-T international standards. Measures requires selected high cost instrumentation so the team want to have automation to run measures 24/7, in way to optimize the investment made while purchasing the instrumentation.

Instrumentation is actually in Company laboratory, building and there are several rationales that do not allow the instrumentation to be moved out from the lab.

Synchronization measures requires long amount of time: the single test duration is from 2 hours to 28 hours or longer. A test sequence the automation shall manage will be 4 to 7 days duration or longer if in needed. Code shall be robust enough to target those test durations.

We strong and more experience in system test include third parties for their automation.

We offer custom automation applications. We create applications and software that suits the requirements of our clients. We provide automation application development, integration and customization services. Our talented developers are experienced in creating intuitive, innovative, and integrated applications. Applications created by us can be deployed in dedicated private system, hosted environment, intranet, or in public cloud infrastructure.

htgsoft_automation_technologies_diagramWe create customized automation applications to manage internal operations of your organizations. Our office software services range from functional architecture, analysis, development, adoption, testing, deployment, training etc. We create affordable automation applications that provide smother integration and future expansion of entire business process.

Based on the scope of project we used Labview, Labwindow, Python, C++, Standard C, TCL/tk, Script and Telnet for Back-End communication and control. We used C#, Java, PHP for Front-End/application control.

We strong and worked with instruments Tektronix, JDSU, ONT, ANT20, Thermal Meter, SONET, Optical fiber, Calnex Paragon, Paragon-X, ATM, Router, GPS, Optical Modulation Amplitude (OMA), Optical central wavelenght meter, source for a correct use of the instrumentation, etc.

GPIB, Ethenet, Bluetooth, CATs, D-Bus AllJoyn, C-Bus, ZigBee, Z-Wave, NI-Visa USB, IEEE 1588, PXI. Otherwise we have more experiences worked with CRDC in case projects in needed. We’re offering in automation software, instruments control, test automation and test automation architecture.