Hardware Design Services

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We perform all aspects of product development, from electronic design to volume production.

We have delivered over many electronic product designs, including hardware and software device solutions across industries ranging from consumer electronics through industrial automation and data acquisition. Our success is due to a combination of engineering excellence, best-practices in project management, and strong relationships with Sparton, Applied Micro. We provide electronic design services for many industries, IoT, smart home, Wireless, Medical, Defense, Robotics, and High-Performance Computing. Our services include:

• Analog Design
• Power Design
• FPGA Design
• DSP Development
• Wireless Design
• Turnkey Product Design
• Signal Integrity Analysis
• PCB Design
• Embedded Software Development
• Device Drivers

As a complete product design consulting firm, we have the capability to oversee all phases of the design and manufacturing process, including industrial design, application software development, mechanical design, thermal analysis, tooling, prototyping, pre-production validation, ICT programming and test fixtures, and the transition to production.

We involve you in design reviews along the way, but we handle all the heavy lifting. Our professional project management methodologies, experienced product engineering team, and tightly integrated partner network allow us to dramatically accelerate the time-to-market for prototypes.

• Application software and GUI design
• User and design documentation
• Hardware and firmware electronics design
• Industrial design
• Mechanical design and thermal analysis
• Tooling and prototyping
• Pre-Production design validation
• Regulatory certification
• ICT programming and test fixtures
• Transition to production, box-build and fulfillment

HTGSOFT’s Integrated Design to Manufacturing (IDM) services facilitate the New Product Introduction (NPI) phase of electronic product development. We are able to transition your electronic product development from design to manufacturing faster by offering concurrent design engineering, manufacturing engineering, new product introduction, production ramp, and production management services. This service includes:

• Incorporating specific manufacturing requirements into the design process
• Establishing and optimizing an end-to-end supply chain to facilitate manufacturing
• Back-end design stages e.g. compliance certifications, packaging design, etc.
• Manufacturing engineering to prepare the design for volume production
• Defining fabrication/assembly/configuration, test, and quality systems
• Production pilot, ramp, and management of entire production process