Mobile applications development

Petrus Dao
Paul Dao

Mobile applications development that We have many years experience in development iOS, Android apps,

CMS apps “Full-Stack from a big idea to do BA as define the spec, requirements, wireframe/mockup to

UX/UI design, Back-End & Front-End development to code transfer” with new technology as AngularJS 2,

ReactJS, Node.JS, etc. We have deployed many business, social media, social networking includes development applications integrated with Facebook, products advertising and healthcare applications for customers worldwide.
Our mobile app consultants and architects have helped many companies rout out robust mobile apps across diverse platform.
To help customer to build their products based on big ideas, to build the full architecture, products BA, etc. We’re doing on both sides includes server side (back-end) and mobile side with the full solutions help to boot productivity.

We’re applied Agile Scrum combined PMP in project management methodology, QC and apps security for almost projects.