Hardware Design Services

Petrus Dao
Paul Dao

We have an ECAD team with strong experience in offering the best PCB Design and Layout service at competitive prices and with extremely quick turnaround time. We have been praised by many customers to be the best CAD Design team they have worked with.

Have completed designs that could not be completed by other layout companies

Referred by many US/EU/JP customers as the best team that can handle the efficiently direct interface between the US & Oversea VN/low-cost team

Smart strategy/planning allowed 100% manual routing at a very fast pace – No AutoRoute allowed

1. Design Capabilities:
– High-Speed Digital, Analog, Mixed & RF designs
– Flexible PCB & Rigid-Flex PCB
– High-Density PCBs with via in pad technology
– PCB Library management
– Routing constraint management
– DFA/DFT/DFM verification
– Thermal simulation & Analyze
– Signal integrity
– Server boards, Storage system boards, Test boards, Mobile boards, Smart TV boards, laptop boards

2. PCB Design, Simulation, and Analyze Tools:
– Cadence Allegro 16.6, 17.2, 17.4
– Pads; Zuken CR-5000
– Altium; CAM350; SI9000; Messiah
– Solid-work 2014; ANSYS Slwave 17.2: Simulation SI/PI
– Hyperlynx

– Completed many complex PCB layouts
– 90% of these boards have 24+ layers; 5K to 20K components; 3K to 13K nets
– SAS3G, SAS8G, SAS12G, SCL/SDA, SATA Gen1/2/3
– FPGA Signal, Bluetooth 5.0 (nRF52x series)
– Strong in placement and working on: Power Blocks, DDRAM, USD, OSC-CLK, Trans, FPGA, Bypass, AC Coupling
– High current density power rails
– Back Drilled Via Technology
– Blind/Buried Via Technology
– Precise layout estimation schedule
– Study the feasibility of placement and routing and propose full solutions of PCB size & stack-up
– Identifying & Correcting errors/mistakes by customers including schematic errors
– Back-drilling: Yes
– High-speed PCB design: Impedance controlled, matching length, layer stack-up calculate, simulation
– High current density power rails: 90 Amps
– Power supply DC-DC, HMI, ECU, SCU, VCU, Smart key (E-Scooter System)
– Hardware debugging, schematic symbol, PCB footprint
– PCB design in Probe Card, PID, Direct Dock Probe Cards.
– Experience with Bosch’s standard, quality control, production requirement
– Experience worked on Automotive Electronic Field. And some Bosch’s products like Coffee Machine, IoT part

HTGSOFT’s Integrated Design to Manufacturing (IDM) services facilitate the New Product Introduction (NPI) phase of electronic product development. We are able to transition your electronic product development from design to manufacturing faster by offering concurrent design engineering, manufacturing engineering, new product introduction, production ramp, and production management services. This service includes:

• Incorporating specific manufacturing requirements into the design process
• Establishing and optimizing an end-to-end supply chain to facilitate manufacturing
• Back-end design stages e.g. compliance certifications, packaging design, etc.
• Manufacturing engineering to prepare the design for volume production
• Defining fabrication/assembly/configuration, test, and quality systems
• Production pilot, ramp, and management of entire production process