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Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is an engineering consultancy specializing in all aspects of abandonment, decommissioning, deconstruction and re-use of obsolete or redundant facilities both on and offshore.

Reverse Engineering extends the lifetime of legacy systems without major investments into a new build. Once built and deployed, enterprise-level software systems start the endless chase for the ever-changing business requirements. With business and technologies constantly evolving, the software needs to be updated to match the new reality.

Petrus Dao
Paul Dao

After one-three years of continuous improvements the system reaches the stage where the future development is constrained by the original design, adding new features takes a prohibitively long time; performance degrades while the number of inconsistencies grows dramatically. At this point the business has two paths to choose from: either build a brand new system based on new requirements or redesign the existing one. The second path is known as software re-engineering.

Despite all the advantages that a new system might bring, re-engineering provides the following benefits:

Low cost compared to a new build
Business continuity
Software re-engineering is the right solution when:

System performance has to be improved
Data schema needs to be changed/extended
The system has to be ported to a different platform
HTGSOFT Inc methodology and expertise allow for re-engineering of complex systems even in situations when the documentation is scarce or lacking.