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Real Capital London LLP

A. Description:
We did product strategy from a big idea, business analyst, system architect design, UX/UI Design, Front-End & Back-End, implementation, web responsive application, iOS and Android Application, etc.
The platform built with global scope included property management, asset management, landing page (CMS).
Mobile applications running on smart phone iPhone, Android phones used by Freelancer & Tenant.

There are 4 types of users in system:
– System Admin: Administrator user, allow to access to manage system setting, monitoring, manage all other user account (Vender/Tenant/Freelancer).
– Vender/Property Owner: Property seller
– Tenants: Property renters
– Freelancer: Freelance worker (who fix property issue request from Tenants)

B. Technical approach:
● Infrastructure: Cloud Amazon (AWS)
● Servers: Amazon EC2 (Linux OS)
o Linux: Free Open source, no fee charge for OS license
o Stability, Security, Hardware, etc.
o AWS EC2: Easy to backup/restore, monitoring server with less IT effort

● Database: Amazon RDS
o Easy to set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the cloud.
o Provides high availability and failover support for DB instances using Multi-AZ deployments
o Automation backup procedure
o Using MySQL engine, free open source without license charge
o Easy support Data Analysis/Business intelligence
● Backend Framework development:
o JAVA Spring: Open source JAVA platform, Spring is the most popular application development framework for enterprise Java to create high performing, easily testable, reusable code.
o REST API is most standard to build a modern web application & integration with mobile application. As well as easily to extend and integrate with other system, third-party
● Fronted Web Interface development framework: AngularJS & Bootstrap
o Modern web development, responsive design (support multiple device resolution), better UI/UX
● Mobile app development: Support Android & iOS (Phone & Tablet)