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Software Dev Services

With over two decades of experience in advanced automation software solutions, we have developed a comprehensive, integrated, and open system that surpasses others in the industry. Our solutions offer exceptional capabilities for seamless communication with various devices, particularly for data acquisition, testing and measurement, and centralized control platforms. This automation software is designed to streamline processes and ensure efficient operations, allowing for automated interactions between different devices.

Our extensive experience in advanced automation software projects includes working with renowned instruments such as Tektronix, JDSU, OTN, ANT20, Thermal Meter, SONET, Optical fiber, Calnex Paragon, Paragon-X, ATM, Agilent, Yokogawa, Vorch, Router, GPS, Optical Modulation Amplitude (OMA), Optical central wavelength meter, and more.

Protocols: GPIB, Ethenet, Bluetooth, CATs, D-Bus, AllJoyn, C-Bus, ZigBee, Z-Wave, NI-Visa USB, IEEE 1588, PXI.

We have worked and collaborated with the U.S. Department of Education (ED) Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) to support their projects. Our expertise lies in providing instrument automation software, instrument control, test automation, and test automation architecture services.

• Strong in C language, C++, TCL/Tk, Script, C#, Java, etc.
• Experiences programming with National Instrument tool is Labview/Labwindow.
• Experiences worked on dedicated platform and framework
• Experiences in code validation, drivers modification.
• Good optimization and debugging skills.

For Software/Apps: With 20 years’ experience in software development services, from a business idea to end-product or end-to-end solutions, we have delivered hundreds of enterprise software products which require high scalability and quality.

We have many strong software developers and architects (ReactJS, AngularJS, NextJS, VueJS, PHP, NodeJS, .NetCore, Java, C/C++, Python, iOS/Android, Cloud AWS, Azure, GCP, database: BigData, MongoDB, Postgresql, GaphQL, MySQL/SQL Server.),


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