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Turnkey Products Design Services

Signal Integrity (SI) / Power Integrity (PI) or Thermal issues:
1. Your PCB does not work after multiple re-spins, causing a lot of delays for the market ?
2. Your company wasting a lot of money on design iterations ?
3. Your design does not work across corners, i.e.. Typical/Fast/Slow, Cold/Hot, Low/High Voltage,…?
4. Your design does not meet system timings ?
5. Your design has no or low system margins, i.e.. Signal Eye-height/Width failed or low margin?
6. Failed EMC/EMI test after the design is completed ?
7. Cooling system is not good cause processor/internal component temperatures too high, cause damages?
8. The customer is complaining, but are you clueless ?

The Potential SI/PI and thermal issues:
1. Signal Reflection
2. Signal attenuation
3. Crosstalk
4. Propagation delay
5. Ground bouncing
6. Signal Overshoot/Undershoot
7. Excessive Jitter, SSO Jitter, ISI Jitter
8. Signal ringing
9. Poor signal return path
11. Excessive IR Drops
12. High Copper/VIA current density
13. Power supply noise affect the Signal integrity
14. PDN has Poor transient response
15. Decoupling capacitor profile is not optimized
16. Heatsink design is not good
17. Airflow is not enough

Signal Integrity:
1. Pre layout & Post layout
2. Serial & parallel interface (DDR 2/3/4/5, Multi-Gigabit-SERDES)
3. Power aware Simulation
4. IBIS/IBIS-AMI/HSPICE based system SI
5. XTALK, IL, RL, TDR, s-parameter, eye-diagram, timing analysis

Power Integrity:
1. DC Analysis (IR drop, Voltage/current distribution, Density plots)
2. AC Analysis (PDN AC Impedance profile Analysis, Ztarget Impedance Optimization, Transient noise estimation)
3. Decoupling cap Analysis & Optimization

1. EMI Radiation Analysis
2. EMI Susceptibility Analysis
3. Compliance Simulation for various EMC standards in design phase
4. Consultant of fixing EMI/EMC issues

1. Airflow analysis and component temperature estimation
2. Thermal conduction analysis
3. Heatsink design and Prototype
4. Thermal Optimization

Signal Integrity – SI:
1. Highspeed structures optimization & layout guidelines
2. S-Parameter extraction
4. Time domain analysis
5. RF channel analysis
6. Crosstalk analysis
7. RLGC Extraction
8. EMI / EMC test
9. Board Failure Analysis

Power Integrity – PI:
1. DC IR drop analysis
2. Power impedance Z11 analysis
3. Decap optimization
4. Time domain analysis
5. SSN / SSO analysis

1. Thermal simulation
2. Thermal / Electrical co- simulation
3. System thermal analyzing
4. Thermal design

HTGSOFT possesses a wide range of experience in turnkey design, hardware & PCB Design services. We offer our customers the most suitable solutions at a competitive price, and with a timely turnaround at request. We have received positive feedback from our customers worldwide, and they have recommended us as the best team to work with.

With our unrivaled experience and knowledge, we have completed the highly technical tasks that very few other layout companies can offer.

As a result, we are honored to receive valuable referrals from customers in the US, Europe, and Japan. We feel proud to be recognized as the best team in Vietnam that is able to handle direct communication with US customers from Vietnam effectively. Additionally, we have carried out the required tasks using our low-cost team, which saved our customers an enormous amount of resources, time and money.We offer a smart strategy with a planning system that allows 100% manual routing at a speedy pace, with no autoroute adopted.

1. Design Capabilities:
+ High-Speed Digital, Analog, Mixed & RF designs
+ Flexible PCB & Rigid-Flex PCB
+ High-Density PCBs with via in pad technology
+ PCB Library management
+ Routing constraint management
+ DFA/DFT/DFM verification
+ Thermal simulation & Analyze, Signal integrity
+ AI Camera, WiFi 6 (CHIP IPQ8074, IPQ6010, IPQ5010)
+ 5G (5G (SIMCOM, Quectel, Ublox))
+ Server, storage boards, Mobile boards, laptop boards

2. PCB Design, Simulation, and Analyze Tools:
+ Cadence Allegro 16.6, 17.2, 17.4
+ Pads; Zuken CR-5000; Altium; CAM350; Solid-work
+ ANSYS Slwave 17.2: Simulation SI/PI; Hyperlynx

+ Having completed numerous amount of complex PCB layouts
+ 90% of these boards have 35+ layers and 5,000 to 80,000 components and 3,000 to 18,000 nets
+ USB2.0, USB3.0, USB4.0
+ SAS3G, SAS8G, SAS12G, SCL/SDA, SATA Gen1/2/3
+ FPGA Signal, Bluetooth 5.0 (nRF52x series)
+ Strong in placement and working on: Power Blocks, DDRAM, USB, OSC-CLK, Trans, FPGA, Bypass, AC Coupling
+ High current density power rails
+ Back Drilled Via Technology
+ Blind or Buried Via Technology
+ Precise layout estimation schedule
+ Study the feasibility of placement and routing and propose full solutions of PCB size & stack-up
+ Identifying & Correcting errors/mistakes by customers including schematic errors
+ Back-drilling: Yes
+ High-speed PCB design: Impedance controlled, matching length, layer stack-up calculate, simulation
+ High current density power rails: 90 Amps
+ Power supply DC-DC, HMI, ECU, SCU, VCU, Smart key (E-Scooter System)
+ Hardware debugging, schematic symbol, PCB footprint
+ PCB design in Probe Card, PID, Direct Dock Probe Cards.
+ Experience with Bosch’s standard, Cisco, BriteLab, S2/S8, quality control, production requirement.
+ Experience worked on Automotive Electronic Field.
+ Experience worked with Bosch’s, Cisco, Nio, BriteLab, etc.
+ Experience worked on Qualcomm IoT products design.

Our Integrated IDM services facilitate the NPI phase of electronic product development. We will transform your electronic product development from an initial design phase up to the manufacturing phase. We can act faster by offering concurrent design engineering, manufacturing engineering, new product management, and production management services, including but not limited to:

+ Incorporating the specific manufacturing requirements into the design phase.
+ Establishing & optimizing an E2E supply chain to enable manufacturing effectively.
+ Back-end design stage i.e. compliance certification and packaging design.
+ Manufacturing engineering works during the design phase in preparation for mass production as appropriate.
+ Defining fabrication, assembly, configuration, test, and quality control system.
+ Production pilot, ramp-up, and management of the entire production process.