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Our Potential Customers

We have successfully achieved many projects for our long-term and potential customer as Qualcomm, Fossil, ACB, SC Bank, Prudential Finance, Cisco, Real Capital London, Belkin, PTECSolutions, LinkSys, Canon, Elenberg Fraser, Compex Systems, etc.
Main Services:

– Full turnkey product design
– Automation solutions
– End-to- End software solutions
– Digital Transformation
– Mobile apps solutions

Key Expertise:

– Full turnkey product design
– AI voice technology
– Digital transformation
– Automation solutions
– Internet of Things solutions

Team profiles:

– 10% Master/Doctor degrees
– 15% Architects/Experts
– 65% Engineers
– 5% Bachelor degrees
– 5% Digital transformation

We have 20+ years of experience in providing hardware full-turnkey product design (ODM) from a business idea to End-Product, as well as software solutions for many world-leading companies such as DallMeier, Cisco, Standard Chartered Bank, Canon, Fossil, Toshiba, Ricoh, ACB Bank, Vietinbank, Prudential Finance, Compex Systems, Linksys, Elenberg Fraser, Belkin, Real Capital London, PTEC Solutions, VeriK System, Meritronics.

We’ve partnered with Intel and Qualcomm to design products based on Intel, Qualcomm, MediaTek, NXP, Nordic, Telit, Sigfox chipsets. We’re doing full turnkey design as ODM for customers, such as WiFi5 & WiFi6 (IPQ6010, 5010), AI Camera (QCS605-610), Edge Mini PC, Security Phone Device (SM6115 Snapdragon 662).

In the automation field, we did automation platforms, optimized and enhanced for Cisco platform parametric and worked on Tektronix, JDSU, ONT, ANT20, Thermal Meter, SONET, Optical fiber, Calnex Paragon, Paragon-X, ATM, Router, GPS, OMA instruments and more.

Our company’s strength and growth are deeply rooted in our core values, as follows:
– Open and effective communication
– Commitments to End-to-End solutions
– Turn your ideas into outcomes
– Discipline and dedication confirm our commitments.

For any enquiries or information you may have, please contact us: info@htgsoft.com