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We strong in XMPP, Automation, IBM Mobile First, AngularJs, ReactJs, Java, MongoDB/BigData, SQL, AWS, FE|BE, AI/ML, BI report, TCL/TK, GraphQL, ReactNative,.Net Core.


We’re offering the best HW/PCB Design, Layout service at competitive prices and with extremely quick turnaround time. We’ve been praised by many customers to be the best Design team they’ve worked with.


We’re providing Mobile Application Development with Full-Stack to iOS, Android, System Business Analyst, UX/UI, APIs, Front-End/Back-End using tech as React Native, Mobile First, IoT apps, Native Apps, Flutter


We provide solutions to IoT according to SRS help your agricultural fields, the things around us are getting smarter as compatible smart things around us recognize each other, share resources full-stack.


We have numerous years of experience in providing printed circuit boards in Vietnam, as well as software and hardware solutions for many world-leading companies such as DallMeier, Cisco, Standard Chartered Bank, Canon, Toshiba, Ricoh, Prudential Finance, Compex Systems, Linksys, Elenberg Fraser, Belkin, Real Capital London, PTEC Solutions, Solar Systems Inc, and VeriK System.

We partnered with Intel and Qualcomm to design the products based on Intel and Qualcomm CHIP.  With the supports from HTGSOFT offshore centers and IT workforce, HTGSOFT has been executing all of our projects both on-site and offshore, providing a cost-saving solution to our customers.

Our company’s strength and growth are deeply rooted in our Core Values as follows:
– Customer focus
– Long-term relationship
– Commitment to the results
– Dedication to quality, and pride in our work
– Outstanding teamwork, and cross-border collaboration
– Open atmosphere encouraging creative and innovative problem-solving
– Respect for all individuals and the environment
– Continuous investment in our own human capital

Our company works in a flexible environment for HW/PCB Design, software development, having strictly complied with our customers’ requirements. High quality work is a prerequisite for every task that we have undertaken at HTGSOFT because we consider that “every moment counts”. And why not, we know that a good job well done will always bring us new customers.

We believe in Quality 90%
We value our people 80%
Engineering team profiles 70%
For community 80%


We have applied AI & Machine Learning, IoT to create more powerful products.

We have partnered with Intel, Qualcomm to design the products based on Intel and Qualcomm CHIP. We provide a full range of HW/PCB design, software solutions from a big idea, maintenance to full application development, product ownership as System Business Analyst, Centralized, Automate, Monitor and Control, User Experience Management, Business Intelligence Reporting for DallMeier, Canon, Toshiba, Ricoh, Cisco System, BriteLab, Prudential Finance, Compex Systems, Linksys, Elenberg Fraser, Standard Chartered Bank, Belkin, Real Capital London LLP, Solar Systems Inc, PTEC Solutions, VeriK Systems.

Hardware embedded combined mobile apps
Mobile applications development
Hardware Design Services
Networking management products
Automation software & testing
Embedded software and systems
Software and systems migration
System integration



We worked and strong in  XMPP, Automation, IBM Mobile First, AngularJS, ReactJS, ReactNative, Java, NoDB, BigData/SQL, AWS, BA, UX|UI, FO/BO, AI, ML, BI, TCL/TK.

Printed Circuit Boards Design, Power Estimation, Schematic Design, BOM Cost Estimation, PCB Layout Design, Thermal Simulation and Analyze, High-Speed PCB design, IoT Solutions.

Mobile Application Development with Full-Stack and strong experience with IoT to iOS, Android, BA, UX/UI, APIs, FE/BE using tech as React Native, Mobile First, Native Apps.

We have done many automation projects on Tektronix, JDSU, ONT, ANT20, Thermal Meter, SONET, Optical fiber, Calnex Paragon, Paragon-X, ATM, Router, GPS, OMA, OCWM.

our teams

Our team will go through your initial requirements so that we get to know your business processes and goals properly. Next, implement it with a wide range of cutting edge technology. The working model will depend upon your requirements that whether you want the application developed from the scratch or of existing software, integrating your system, our team will help you in any case. Regardless of methodology we adopt, the standard PCB Design, Software Development Life Cycle to be followed for the best-developed software.

Petrus Dao
steven Dao
Steven Dao
Peter Pham
Paul Dao
Thanh Dang
Andy Le
Morris Dorfer
Chuyen Huynh
our achievements

Over many years of experience in providing full-stack of software services, hardware design services, verification and validation, testing and maintenance to full application development and product ownership as Business Analyst “BA”| Centralize | Automate | Monitor and Control | User Experience Management | Business Intelligence Reporting for customer worldwide as Toshiba, Ricoh, Cisco System, Prudential Finance, Compex Systems, Linksys, Elenberg Fraser, Standard Chartered Bank, Belkin, Real Capital London LLP, Solar Systems Inc, PTEC Solutions, VeriK Systems.

Software Dev
Hardware design
Website design
Mobile applications

our location

HTGSOFT is a privately owned software development and outsourcing company from Vietnam and US offering software development services to world wide clients since 2008
  • 100 South Fifth Street, Minneapolis, DC 55402, USA
  • 6 Phan Dinh Giot Str, Ward 2, Tan Binh Dist, HCMC, VN
  • 8 chemin de Pompeyrat, 30560 St Hilaire de Brethmas, France

Phone: +1 408 256 6099

Email: info@htgsoft.com

Website: www.htgsoft.com